First ever post

How original of me.  Well, it doesn’t matter.  This blog is for me to try to keep track of what I’m up to in the land of computers, Ubuntu, Jolicloud, Python, Matlab, whatever.  Because I’m always doing things, and then having to look it up again two months later because I’ve forgotten how I’d done it or what I’d done.

3 thoughts on “First ever post

  1. Hi there. I’ve just started a blog with much the same purpose as yours… SNAP. Just documenting my own projects and mostly for my own use. Everything and anything that I’m working on or would like to work on really. Lots of Python and Ubuntu stuff too. You mention Matlab in your first post… have you heard of Pylab?

  2. … I’ll just mention that Pylab is a special configuration of iPython that uses Numpy, Matplotlib etc to try and replicate an environment as similar to Matlab as possible. Also, if you’re interested in R you could look into RPy.

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