Tkinter and GUI building

I’m back to ray tracing again. And since I’m trying to re-create and expand on the Matlab version of this code, I am finding myself having to learn lots of little details – and big details. One of these things is GUI building. The standard GUI builder that comes with Python is TKinter. I’ve used this a bit before, but now I’m having to think about doing more complicated things with it. The Matlab version of my code used an interactive GUI. In Matlab, there’s a utility called GUIDE that gives you a GUI to build a GUI 🙂 You can put buttons, sliders, graphs, etc, into your GUI window, and then it will automatically generate a skeleton script that you can fill with commands telling Matlab what to do with it. So now I’m wondering if there’s something I can use with TKinter that does a similar thing. I’m sure there is, and I just need to find it…

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  1. I’m not aware of anything like that for Tkinter — probably because so many Python developers prefer to use the other GUI toolkits.

    There seems to be plenty of tools if you’re using WxPython. I have personally used WxGlade to visually create GUIs. It was quite easy to use and WxPython doesn’t take too long to learn. Also there is Boa Constructer and PythonCard but I can’t really comment on those (other than they didn’t seem as intuitive to me).

    WxGlade is modeled on the more famous and mature software, Glade, for building GTK+ GUIs (ie PyGTK).

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