Which Python GUI builder/designer?

Well, now I’m not sure which I should use… after my last post, Ian Witham pointed out to me that I do not *have* to use TKinter just because it’s the default. I can use other GUI designer software, for example, those built on wxPython. He suggested a couple, and said that he uses wxGlade himself. So now I don’t know which I should try first… is wxPython the way to go? Boa Constructor? PythonCard, Spe? Is there one that’s easier to learn than another (Ian says wxGlade is relatively easy to learn)…

Sometimes I get annoyed when I don’t know the basics like this, but I guess that’s just part of the process. Ah, my never-ending project to learn EVERYTHING (which at best will result in me knowing SOME things).

3 thoughts on “Which Python GUI builder/designer?

  1. Yes it can be daunting — there is a huge range of GUI options for Python programmers.

    I should probably clarify; WxGlade, Boa Contructer and Python Card are all visual GUI designers for the WxPython GUI toolkit.

    I suppose the top GUI toolkits for Python are:

    They are all cross platform which is good. I would start by googling these four if you want to learn about Python GUI programming.

  2. Yes, it can be a bit daunting. 🙂

    The main cross-platform GUI toolkits available for Python are wxPython, Tkinter, PyQT and PyGTK. Googling these four would be a good start 🙂

    I should probably clarify also; WxGlade, PythonCard and Boa Constructor are all visual GUI designers for building WxPython GUIs. (Boa Constuctor is also a full IDE, but I digress.)

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