Org-mode for meeting notes

I couldn’t include this in the main post about the meeting, because it’s really an aside. Anyone who used to read my old blog probably knows that I have recently fallen in love with Emacs Org-mode. It’s wonderful 🙂 I’ve found yet another great reason to love it – taking notes in meetings! I took more than 500 lines of notes in Org-mode. It was included in my main Org-mode log book. But it turns out that people actually wanted to have my copy of the notes (I didn’t say much during the meeting, but too a TON of notes). And I’m pretty sure most people wouldn’t have appreciated an Org-mode file as much as I would. Or even an unformatted flat text file for that matter. So I just extracted the relevant portion into a new Org-mode file, then exported to latex using:

M-x org-export-as-latex

Then, just to make things look at teeny bit nicer, I stuck this at the top of the page:

#+TITLE: Whale Meeting Notes
#+AUTHOR: Michelle Weirathmueller

Then I just ran pdflatex, and immediately had a really nicely formatted document, including a linked table of contents. Beautiful. I love when things like this make my life easier – and also makes it easier for the poor souls who might actually want to sift through the 20-odd pages of notes.

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