Testing syntax highligher

A quick test… a chunk of python code from a while back (I don’t even really remember writing this script, actually, but it seems kind of neat – plotting up some simulated acoustic signals). I just updated the Syntax Highligher plugin for wordpress.

# Set up 2D grid with x/y coordinates for positions.
xcoords = r_[0.:100.:1]
ycoords = r_[0.:100.:1]
xgrid = tile(xcoords, (size(ycoords,0),1))
ygrid = transpose(tile(ycoords, (size(xcoords,0),1)))

print shape(xgrid)
#print xgrid
print shape(ygrid)
#print ygrid

h1x = 50
h1y = 0
h2x = 50.075
h2y = 0

And it works! 🙂

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