Trying out Maple

One of the perks of being a poor student, is that I get sweet deals on lots of software. And occasionally I even get things for free! For example, Sophos anti-virus software and Microsoft Office. The other day I was struggling with a differential equation for a homework assignment, and after searching around, I found that I could get Maple for free through the University. (Mathematica was only free for faculty). As it turns out, it was quicker for me to sort out the differential equation the old fashioned way (pencil + brain + notes from old math class) than to learn how to do it with Maple. But it still seems like it might be pretty fun to explore – check out this fractal generated using the Mandelbrot set:

Unfortunately it has nothing to do with anything I’m doing in school.  But it’s pretty neat!  And pretty easy – this one’s straight from an example file –

Zc := GenerateComplex(400, -2, 1, -1.35, 1.35)
sol := LinearAlgebra[Map](MyMandel, Zc)
img := Create(sol)


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