Evernote, iPad, and PDFs

I’m really liking Evernote, and I like having it on my iPad and iPhone.  The iPhone app isn’t that great, but it’s just an iPhone app, I wasn’t expecting too much.  I’m a bit disappointed with the iPad app though.  I read a lot of papers.  In fact, that’s one of the main reasons why I got the iPad in the first place.  And when I read papers, I like to highlight and annotate for later reference.  I’m currently pretty happy with GoodReader, but you can’t search.  It would be great to be able to, say, look for papers that have the words “whale” and “double differencing” in them.  But Evernote DOES have the PDF searching capability, as long as you have a premium membership.  The problem is, it only seems to work in their desktop software. You can’t even view the PDF in the Evernote app, let alone highlight and annotate.  🙁

Luckily, the Evernote folks are releasing new iPad/iPhone software soon – maybe all of these problems will be solved!

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