Finally discovered Evernote

I’ve been meaning to check out Evernote for a while now, but the tipping point was really this morning when I saw Kurt’s post on Facebook about using it to record a meeting.  And generally, if Kurt has an opinion on some tech gadget or software, I’ll listen.  He didn’t actually give an opinion, actually, but it was enough to send me to the App store to see for myself.  It was way cooler than I thought it would be.

You can write notes in all sorts of formats – text, images, websites, web clips, iPhone photos, scans, PDF’s…And you can really easily synch your iphone, ipad, desktop, or laptop anytime you have an internet connection.  You can also access your notes online.  The notes are stored on a server somewhere, but as far as I can tell, the full installation + notes gets installed locally on computers.  I’m not completely sure what happens with iphones and ipads, though, they might just access the cloud directly for everything.

I could go on about it, but there’s lots to find elsewhere on the internet.  But one of my favorite features is the handwritten text recognition.  I tried taking an iphone snapshot of some notes I took during Rip’s Master’s defense today, and then used the iPhone app to upload them to Evernote.  Even with my messy handwriting, it was still able to find some important words.  Here’s an example:

Not bad!  I also like how it can show you a map of where you took certain notes:

I’m probably jumping the gun, but this seems incredibly irresistible to me.  Sorry, Org-Mode!

One thought on “Finally discovered Evernote

  1. Michelle,

    I don’t even have an i-anything and I want this!!!!

    Keep writing, its been fun to browse your viewpoint!

    Love & Hope,

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