Quadrature signals – tutorial

Once again, I’m doing a bit of signal processing and, as usual, I found myself needing to brush up on the basics.  And one of my favorite little tutorials is called Quadrature Signals:  Complex but not Complicated.  It’s written by Richard Lyons, who’s also the author of what I’ve been told is a good book on signal processing.  I like the writing style – it’s fun and easy to read.  Well, okay, honestly it gets pretty complicated by the end.  But I still like it.

Last night I did my first cross correlation since 2008.  Woo hoo!  And it worked!  Sort of.  It still needs some tweaks, and I also need to improve my input signal.  But it feels good to be using the signal processing toolbox in Matlab again 🙂  Once I get it sorted out a bit more, I hope to post the relevant snippets of code up here.

Quadrature Signals: Complex but not Complicated

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