ASA and Thai food

Dax and I went to the ASA (Acoustical Society of America) meeting today.  It’s taking place down at the Sheraton, and the session we went to was upstairs in the Issaquah room (yes, I spelled Issaquah wrong in the little drawing).  The general topic was sound propagation and applications in bioacoustics, so a really interesting mix of talks.  It was cool to see what people are doing – lots of time-difference of arrival stuff (TDOA).  I was especially interested in how people deal with multipath arrivals, since that’s pretty much what our data is all about.  In fact, we often don’t even see direct path arrivals at all.

One of the talks that sparked my interest was by Xavier Mouy (although it was presented by one of his colleagues because he couldn’t make it to the meeting).   I’ve read one of his earlier papers on detecting fin and blue whales in the St. Lawrence.  His talk today was on locating walruses using the multipath structure on just one hydrophone.  Dax’s work is really similar in that he has done the multipath fitting using multiple receivers, along with ray tracing in complex bathymetry.

And tomorrow, we give our talks!  🙂

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  1. the ASA meeting sounds interesting – looks like you had a good time. good luck tomorrow – i hope the presenting goes very smoothly.

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