Megamullions and whatnot

I swear, I will create semi-intelligent blog posts again one day.  But not this day.  Behold, my second graphical depiction of the day’s outstanding events/facts.

Megamullions, etc.

In my oceanic lithosphere class, we have a homework problem that requires us to calculate deviatoric stresses on a very shallow fault associated with a megamullion.  I had to google megamullion.  Google images assumed I meant “megamillion”, and gave me loads of pictures of people winning the lottery.

Here’s a diagram of a megamullion.  The geological kind.  It’s from the French wikipedia, because I couldn’t find a good sketch in English in less than 3 minutes on google images.


6 thoughts on “Megamullions and whatnot

  1. If you keep up with these graphical depictions/summaries of your days – this will certainly become the greatest blog ever. I can not stress how much i enjoy your comic, i think you have really stumbled onto something. Your days are always busy enough to provide you with enough material to make these interesting.

    I am about to raise a shot of tequila and toast to your wit and hidden talents.
    Then I will chase the shot with a pickle.

  2. here, here! If I had a shot of tequila and a pickle, I’d do the same. But I don’t, so I’ll just continue with this sweet numerical integration I’ve got going in Matlab.

    Thanks for the encouraging words! I’ll try to keep it up, it’s fun. And gives me a little tiny break from my work.

  3. @ Dax – it has to be a pretty great rendering – my husband was walking by while I was checking this out – stopped, pointed at the picture of you and asked “Is that the Texan?”.
    And neither of us has ever seen a picture of you until this one. She is that good.

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