Molly Moon’s and more inverse theory

It was a long day, lots of code writing.  But it was fun, because I was working on an interesting inverse problem.  Probably not that interesting to people who know lots about inverse theory, but it’s new to me, so still very cool.  Since I’m not great at writing efficient code, it was a long 6 hours before I could see any results.  But in the end I got a really pretty picture that might tell me something about using earthquake positioning techniques to locate a whale far outside a seismic network.  Well, about 15 km outside a network that covers roughly 5km x 10km of seafloor in 2km water depth.  So pretty far.

And yes.  I am a day behind in my little drawings.  At some point I will surely skip a day.  But I’m trying to keep up for as long as I can.

Oh… what’s that you say?  You want to see the results of yesterday’s work?  Alright!  It might not make sense, and there is always a chance it’s just outright incorrect.  But at the very least, those are some dramatic colors, no?  I had to scale the color values though – basically the colors are in a log scale.  So where it says 10, it actually means 10^{10}, an 8 means 10^{8}, and so on.  So yeah, those position errors way outside the network are huge.  HUGE.

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