Sunny day in Seattle

Finally!  The sun has made a solid appearance today, with temperatures high enough that I saw more than a few people in shorts, tank tops, mini-skirts, etc.  Scarf season may be over.

In my guilt over not having posted in months (literally, months), I decided to do something a little different.   My left brain has been overworked, and is tired.  I present to you a very poorly rendered visual interpretation of my day, brought to you by a rare fit of exertion on the part of my (largely ignored) right brain.

Now, back to work. (srsly).

A sad excuse for art or science

2 thoughts on “Sunny day in Seattle

  1. I really liked the comic, if you ever had the time for a daily comic – I would totally read it. And send my best regards and behind the ear pets to Trooper. Poor guy.

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