What the bjerrum??

Drawing-time study break!

...but I am le tired.

So I tried to do this homework problem where we calculate the horizontal forces contributing to ridge push.  Just a simple little calculation based on the differences in pressure calculated at some compensation depth beneath the ridge and at some distance away from the ridge.  No problem.  Imagine my surprise when I discovered that instead of the plates being pushed apart at the ridge, they are in fact being pushed together.  Which breaks several laws of physics, and doesn’t match observations either.  Brilliant!

Now, back to practicing my presentation.  Look out fin whales!  You will be counted!  (To some statistically quantified uncertainty level!)

7 thoughts on “What the bjerrum??

  1. if you let me know the colors for the team and some of Trooper’s measurements – I can totally sew him some type of a cheerleader uniform. this kickball commitment better not mean you can’t ever visit…

  2. Love that you’re doing comics again. You were amazingly good at it in grade school / high school. … and not just because I’m your mom.

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