Broken WP Theme

Well, I should know by now about being careful about upgrading.  I just thought it would be fine and upgraded WordPress at the same time as the Graphene theme I was using – and it made a bunch of my posts disappear!  Eeek!  So I figured it was either WP or Graphene, or the combination of their latest updates.  So I switched to this other theme called Duster, which is what is up there now.  And it works, so it will stay for the time being.  Weird flower picture and all. (Got rid of weird flower picture).

When finals week is over I will have more time to sort out my issues.  And learn how to properly backup my self-hosted WordPress site.  (Yes.  I am not currently doing that despite having lost an entire blog about a year ago.  Will I ever learn).

One thought on “Broken WP Theme

  1. i miss the pic of that little crab. and todays comic. although with finals, i’m sure you have more important things to do.

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