Interview with Dad

I made this months ago when I first started interviewing Dad – I have since recorded more than 4 hours of audio, but haven’t had a chance to put any of it together.  This was done using Hindenburg Journalist, which I briefly reviewed at the time.

This little audio clip is is mostly Dad telling some stories about his childhood in Austria during World War 2. It’s about 15 minutes long, and the only way I could upload it to my blog was by reducing the file size to under 10 MB. This required saving as a low quality mp3. Hopefully it doesn’t suffer too much from this reduction.

Dad Interview – Part 1

3 thoughts on “Interview with Dad

  1. i think this is so beautiful – that you sat down with your father for this – it’s so important to hear some of this history. and don’t worry – the sound quality was great (imo).

  2. i thought the editing was great, you really picked some great music (as fas as mood and such). although you did get Chopin stuck in my head, so kudos, and dang it – the rats will be hearing my terrible humming version of the Op.9#2 for days to come.

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