Python and seismology data

The seismic data from the Neptune Canada ocean bottom seismometers (OBSs) is stored on the Iris database, and it’s in Miniseed format.  This is a standard binary format for seismic data.  I have used the Matlab toolbox for miniseed in the past, but was wondering about trying a Python version.  Turns out there is a Miniseed reader for Python, and it’s part of the ObsPy python toolbox.

Before I’d stumbled upon this, I had entertained some brief thoughts about writing my own reader in Python, just so I could learn how to read binary data.  I checked out a few sites, and was starting get the idea that it would be pretty tough for me to figure it out, and it would probably take me a very long time.  Not that that would necessarily stop me, but if there’s already a tool out there, then I’m going to try that first.

Here’s an example showing a waveform plotted using the ObsPy.imaging tools:

Seismic waveform example - from

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