Tea and Crumpets and G

I like learning personal things about important historic and scientific people (which is why I LOVE this).  Henry Cavendish was interesting – he was known for being extremely anti-social, and some people even think he may have had Asperger syndrome.  He was so incredibly shy that he would rarely even tell his fellow scientists about his discoveries.  It wasn’t until years after he died that his buddy James Clerk Maxwell went through his papers and realized that he’d made several important discoveries during his lifetime that had gone unpublished.  But of course, by then, other folks had already taken the credit, so too bad for Cavendish.  Luckily he still got credit for “inflammable air”.  (It’s on Wikipedia.  It must be true).



2 thoughts on “Tea and Crumpets and G

  1. this may be my favorite yet… and the FDA decided a few years back that salsa indeed counts as a veggie! and kudos to guard dog Trooper. hope finals week is going alright. also i just ordered some Grateful Dead postcards – so those happy dancing bears should be on the way to your mailbox sometime soon. at a safe snail mail pace. wouldn’t want those bears to have a freak out.

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