Antelope and Python

Now that I’m (somewhat) on my way to getting ObsPy up and running, it sort of makes sense to figure out if I could realistically use it to do my work. You know, not just to play around and make pictures. Right now my data is pretty much all in a couple of Datascope databases, and I access it using Matlab. But a bit of Google searching led me to the Antelope Users Group on Github, where they have user-contributed software designed for Antelope and Datascope.  And from what I can tell, there’s a Python interface somewhere in there.

Here are the steps for getting the Antelope Users Group contributed code:

1.  Download and unzip the contributed code.  It will look something like this:


2. Create a directory for the Antelope contrib files, and copy them here:


3. Navigate to the directory with the Python stuff:

cd $ANTELOPE/src/contrib/data/python/datascope/

4. Compile:

make include
make install

I haven’t tried it yet, but hopefully will have a chance soon…

2 thoughts on “Antelope and Python

    1. hi Martin – I looked at it briefly shortly after writing this post last summer, and was unsuccessful. I can’t remember the details, but I think it was a conflict with my Matlab interface to Antelope. Hopefully I’ll have a chance to give it another try soon. Have you tried it?

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