Mexican food and Betty Crocker

This vacation turned rapidly into a food vacation – the best kind of vacation, if you ask me. ┬áThe Mexican food at Agua Verde is good, but way too healthy to be authentic.


2 thoughts on “Mexican food and Betty Crocker

  1. Betty? What happened to all of the health food? There are now WAY better alternatives for easy baking mixes (healthier, often organic, WAY better taste). I’ve tried Dr.Oetker, Gluten-free kitchen, and also Arrowhead Mills. The gluten-free kitchen was best as far as taste, but the Arrowhead Mills – is priced at about the same as regular mixes and also very very good.

  2. Ah, I’ll have to give that one a try – although I’ve also been considering a drastic cut-back on my sugar intake. So possibly no brownies for a while.

    Yes, healthy food is back in my life this week. But sometimes you just need to indulge, don’t you think?

    One thing’s for sure though – I cannot give up cheese. No way.

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