’58 Impala

I talked to my Dad yesterday, and he was in the mood to tell me a story or two. It’s great to hear these stories – he turned 80 years old this year, and loves to tell me about his adventures travelling the world.

One the stories was from his early years in the US, when he had a friend called Buddy Reed. Buddy had a brand new Impala from the first year they were ever made (1958). It was a gold hard-top. And of course they got caught speeding.

Dad always says he loves America, and all the people he’s met here. And he also said that most people got along alright with him – except for state troopers. That’s what he said.

2 thoughts on “’58 Impala

  1. Michelle,
    We read your comics and I think they are hilarious and very true to the facts. I only would like to correct the year 1938. At that time when I dreamed about coming to Canada, it was about 1942. That was the time I read about Jack London and a famous Canadian writer whose name I’ve forgotten. They wrote about the gold rush, the northern territories and Alaska in general and hunting and fishing and the great expanses of the tundra and the barren land of the arctic. You might be able to weave this into the story.
    I also found the story of Buddy Reed and the Chev Impala and it reminds me of some of the details of the evening. The sketch you made of the two door hardtop – the tail lights were round and very pronounced and werean extension of the rear fenders. They curved around. Here is a link: http://www.streetrodderweb.com/features/0809sr_1958_chevy_impala/photo_04.html.
    I love you very much and keep on doing that work. This will be a masterpiece. This will be a book in itself…those images. How a young German/Austrian Saw the New World in 1958.
    (Typed by Mom. Michelle – the pictures and your story-telling are amazing!!! Love, Mom)

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