Oh hey, Corolla!

There are an awful lot of Corollas around. But it’s for good reason, right?

Anyway. This one was done using the iPad. A little bit of experimentation. I haven’t quite gotten it worked out. There are some severe limitations in terms of screen resolution and sensitivity – but it is definitely nice to be able to erase things, and add color on a different layer. If anyone’s curious, I used the Sketchbook Pro app. Usually I like the Brushes app for its simplicity, but Sketchbook allows me to add text.

2 thoughts on “Oh hey, Corolla!

  1. thanks! yup, bangs, stubby little ponytail. Trying to grow out my hair but it’s slow going. I still have to get used to the iPad for drawing. It’s quirky but I’m trying to figure out how I can do better.

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