Sunday Football

This discussion came about as a follow on to the plan to put a fish tank in our office. Dax’s suggestion (which has now been googled and confirmed) was to get cichlid fish.

So, this snippet is just the innocent result of Dax mashing the words “Google” and “Bing”.  I was just about to add that I hoped “Bingle” would make it into the dictionary one day, when it occurred to me that it just might already be there.  So I, uh, googled it.  And lo and behold, the word bingle does exist.  And none of the definitions have anything to do with search engines.  Go ahead – bingle it.

PS:  furniture colours are not true to life.
PPS: actually, most of the colors in my drawings are not true to life.

PPPS:  just a warning from Rob, if you google “bingle”, be warned that some of the urban dictionary definitions are a little nsfw/hilarious.

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