Trooper at First Friday

Trooper finally made it out to First Friday. He was pretty happy about it. And a few people even recognized him from his appearances on the blog! As expected he spent the entire time scavenging for bits of dropped food, occasionally resorting to just licking the concrete deck.

Oh yeah, and this is another attempt at using the iPad.

4 thoughts on “Trooper at First Friday

    1. Thanks, Dustin! I’m very glad you’re enjoying the comics.

      I’ve been getting mixed reviews regarding the iPad. I am probably going to keep experimenting with it though – it’s fun! But won’t be giving up on the old-fashioned ink + paper method for good either.

  1. these do look really good, but i am glad to hear pen and paper ones will still appear 🙂

    Mike and I got Trooper a really awesome raincoat. I’ll probably send it with your b-day stuffs next month and we really hope it fits him. i have been worrying about sizing because of all the fattie Trooper comics.

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