Mass balance in the ocean

Warning! Excessive nerdy-ness!

In chemical oceanography we are learning about balancing elements in the ocean, looking at what is going in (from rivers and from the atmosphere), how long a given element stays in the ocean (residence time) and what is taken out (for example: what are the rocks on the seafloor made of?). Some things balance out nicely, but a few other big ones do not… like Mg! (dun-dun)

I can relate to the chemists in this case: I am used to thinking I have the right answer, only to have a geophysicist tell me I’m wrong! 🙂   (hint: I work with 3 geophysicists, and one of them is my advisor. And I’m wrong about lots of things. I’ve been assured that it is part of the learning process)

PS: it’s true. I can’t draw straight lines.

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