Outsmarting the dog

I made this one for Melissa who was visiting from NB for a few days. I have spent the last several weeks trying to devise increasingly elaborate ways of keeping Trooper off the couch while I was gone. A recent iteration involved a four foot high blockade made of kitchen chairs, the aquarium stand, and various boxes, with a blanket draped over the whole thing. He was typically too fast for me to catch him actually on the couch – he could hear my keys in the door and had plenty of time to jump off and attempt to claim innocence. But it was easy to spot the indentation in the couch cushion, and feel the telltale warmth where he’d been comfortably curled up all day long. I told Melissa all of this, and I was pretty much speechless when she immediately suggested flipping the cushions up. So simple, so obvious. Finally, someone around here has outsmarted Trooper.

7 thoughts on “Outsmarting the dog

  1. We tried flipping up the couch cushions. Chancey would still sleep on the couch, next to the cushions. Or knock them on the floor. She got so she would slowly get down & stretch when you got home, not even pretending anymore…

    1. Ah… so I have that to look forward to 🙂 Well, he hasn’t figured it out yet and it’s been a couple of days. Maybe it’ll take him a while. Doesn’t it drive you crazy when they’re so cheeky? Like, “oh hi, yes, I own this house.” haha

  2. Hmm… I need some of that ingenuity to figure out how to keep my dog from paw-slapping me across the face. Edie’s all like “Oh… you won’t take me for a walk right now… you want to nap… F*that…. ***SMACK***”.

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