Hello, November!

I only have a few followers on here, but gosh, they are devoted followers. And they have been wondering what happened to me. No posts in almost a month! Coincidentally, this will be the first time I’ve posted since I turned 30. Hmm…

It’s been so long since I drew anything, and my brain is beyond fried, thanks to isotope mass balances and curvilinear coordinate systems. So this is it folks.  My creative spark not sparking.  This is a drawing of the only thing I know right now – doing schoolwork in the kitchen, with the dog sleeping beside me.  (good boy, Trooper).

3 thoughts on “Hello, November!

  1. Yellow kitchens are pretty awesome. I am very stoked that you haven’t abandoned the sketching. I was worried that this would turn into that “a picture a day blog”.

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