STP: What was I thinking?

Hey guys.  So there’s this thing I signed up for, it’s called STP, or Seattle to Portland.  It’s a 200-mile bike ride between – you guessed it, Seattle and Portland.  It’s spread out over two days, but if you’re as un-athletic as I am, that’s still a pretty tall order.  I’m not sure whose bright idea it was (Dax), or why I succumbed to the peer pressure to join (Lora), but our lab group is now officially in.  That’s right, all of us, including our advisor, Will.

I’ve done one training ride (ie. a ride that’s longer than my commute).  It was last Tuesday with Dax.  Google maps tells me that it was about 30 miles in total.  It took me 2.5 hours.  Awful.  I thought I was dying, especially at the end.  My house is on a hill, so the last five miles or so were just a kick in the teeth.  As soon as I got home I wanted to eat like five pounds of poutine.  Which, luckily, was not available to me at that point.

Tomorrow, Sunday morning, we have another training ride planned.  This time we are making the (to me) very ambitious journey to the Red Hook brewery in Woodinville.  That’s a total of about 14 miles longer than what we did on Tuesday.  Only this time it’ll be with Rob and Lora too.    The very best part of this plan is that in the middle of those hellish 44 miles, we are stopping for food and beer.  Sweet nectar of the gods.

Here’s a crappy little drawing I made.  I hope it illustrates how I feel about the ride we’re supposed to do tomorrow morning.

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