Quakes and Whales training ride

I’m not sure if the world has been formally introduced to the Quakes and Whales team:  World, Quakes and Whales.  Quakes and Whales, world.  We have signed ourselves up for a whole world of hurt, aka STP, or the Group Health Seattle to Portland Bicycle Classic.  See my one previous entry about it here.

The scene described in the comic above is pretty much true.  And it happened BEFORE we even started our actual ride.  So Dax tricked us into climbing an enormous hill (he claims not to have planned it, but he is ridiculously fond of biking up giant hills, and of convincing others to join his mad hijinks).  After we biked back down, we finally embarked on our planned route, which was a 43-mile loop between Redmond and Carnation.

4 thoughts on “Quakes and Whales training ride

    1. It feels good to have a couple up again – finally! I’ll try to keep up a bit better, but I really can’t make any promises. It does motivate me when I get feedback like this though – thanks! 🙂

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