Trooper likes ice cream

Trooper and I walked down to Greenlake yesterday evening.  The sun was out, the sky was blue, and it was not terribly cold out.  I tied Trooper to the leg of one of the patio tables outside Ben and Jerry’s and went in to get some ice cream.  As you know, Trooper is a dog.  He doesn’t have that much excitement in his life.  In fact, going for a walk is the highlight of his day.  So when it occurred to me that he might enjoy a cup of vanilla ice cream, I didn’t hesitate.  After paying for my order, I carried our ice cream out to Trooper, who was, by this time, drooling in anticipation.  I set the ice cream down and let him have at it.  Once he was all set up, I leaned back in the patio chair and started working on my own cone of strawberry cheesecake.  That’s when I noticed a couple walking past us with their dog.  Their dog looked very jealous of Trooper, naturally.  The owners, though – they were shooting me the stink eye.  They looked at the ice cream cup. They looked back at me, they looked at Trooper, and back to me.  I was officially being judged (negatively) for my dog-parenting skills.

Oh well.  As Lora put it later on, “If feeding my dog ice cream is wrong, I don’t want to be right”.

3 thoughts on “Trooper likes ice cream

  1. If it was chocolate chocolate chunk ice cream, maybe they could judge. Lots of people here leave their dog chained in a garage for its entire life – the haters should focus their hate on something that’s an actual problem.

    Me, I think it’s totally cute that you and your dog went out for an ice cream. Awww.

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