First attempt at HDR Photography

I decided to take my camera and tripod out for my walk with Trooper tonight so that I could try out HDR photography (which stands for High Dynamic Range). According to the very minimal amount of research I’ve done, I think that what I am doing may not actually be HDR – something to do with tone mapping vs. exposure blending… well, never mind. I don’t really care what it’s called.  Moving onwards!

I set the camera to aperture priority, put it on a tripod, and took three photos at different exposure settings (-2,0,+2). Here are the original images:

First, with exposure set to -2EV:

Next, with exposure set to 0EV:

Finally, with exposure set to +2EV:

The final result was blended using layer masks in GIMP.  It looks a bit wonky because I did it really quickly, particularly around the edges between the sky and the foreground.  After all that, I pulled it into Adobe Lightroom 4 and made a few tweaks to produce this image:

Some details, if anyone cares:

– Nikon D5100

– 18-55mm (good old kit lens)


– Adobe Lightroom 4

– Wacom Intuos 4 tablet

– MacBook Pro

– cheap-ass plastic tripod (seriously, it was like $9)

Side note:  a giant rat ran out onto the wood chip-path right in front of me while I was setting up.  GROSS!

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