T.A. time, version 2

In our department, one of the requirements for graduate students is that they TA for at least one quarter.  I’ve done my one quarter, and since then I’ve been hoping for a chance to give it another shot.  Not only is it fun, but getting a wide variety of experiences in grad school can really help down the road, both in getting a job, and in doing well at that job.

As of this quarter, I’m TA-ing again.  My favorite part? I get to help out with some of the online course stuff – which means I get to geek out on the background technical and web stuff, and (best of all) I get to make drawings to go with lecture topics! The idea is to try to make the class fun and interesting for first-year, non-science majors who might just be taking this course as a filler.

[The course is already offered as a regular lecture-based class, and the website for it is here: https://catalyst.uw.edu/workspace/mrasmuss/18105/105205. ]

I have to admit, I’m a bit nervous about it.  So I’ve been breaking out the old paper and pen (or, um, the tablet and stylus…) to try to get back into the swing of things.  Anyone who knows me knows that it’s been absolutely forever since I made a cartoon.  Here’s my first stab at it.  It’s a bit random and isn’t particularly related to any one lecture topic.  It actually stems from a conversation I had with Dax a little while ago… (gotta start somewhere)

correlation vs causation

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