The best thing about Sharknado…

According to John, the best thing about Sharknado is that they drive around in a Landcruiser, quite a lot like this one:

John’s 1987 Toyota Landcruiser

If you know John at all, you know that he LOVES that truck, and spends large chunks of his free time fixing it, taking it apart, restoring it, replacing parts, etc.

Here’s a sample of his Sharknado commentary:


The commentary continued even after the Landcruiser was obliterated, even if only to berate all other vehicles that turned up in the movie. Especially Hummers.


All in all, despite the filmmaker’s poor decision to destroy the world’s best truck, Sharknado was as epic as we ever could have hoped for in our wildest dreams. We encourage you all to enjoy it this holiday season.


2 thoughts on “The best thing about Sharknado…

  1. The original script called for a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited soft top (because I wanted it to be believable that a shark could rip through into the car. Silly me!). But when I saw they’d used a Landcruiser I was very pleased (even if it made the bite through the roof extra ridiculous…).

    I’m a former owner of a ’73 International Scout, so I know a thing or two about loyalty to classic 4X4’s! I certainly NEVER intended them to have an H2 Hummer! That was all the director’s fault! Once they had the Landcruiser, the only possible upgrade would be to a REAL HumVee!

    So maybe the sequel should be about a Landcruiser that teams up with a Scout and a Humvee to battle sharks?

    1. My husband (featured in the post) says he’d pay a lot of money to see a Landcruiser/Scout/Humvee sequel. But then again, we’d pretty much see any movie that combines sharks and tornadoes.

      PS: This comment made my day!

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