Emacs encryption

I finally figured out how to encrypt an emacs file – ooooh.  Now I can put all of my secrets into org-mode, and no one will ever know, mua-ha-ha!

Emacs encryption can be done using EasyPG, which comes with Emacs2.3.  So the first thing I did was upgrade to Emacs2.3 from 2.2 using Fink.  A quick aside:  I mistakenly installed the x11 version and kept thinking I had totally broken something because I was impatient when I didn’t immediately see emacs pop up in the terminal.  I also installed GnuPG from fink.

After that it’s easy – just add a .gpg extension onto the file, so something like myorgfile.org.gpg.  When you open it in Emacs, it recognizes that it’s really an org file, and when you go to save it, you just need to give a password to re-open it.  Don’t forget that password!! Here’s what it looks like:

And that’s it.