Evernote, iPad, and PDFs

I’m really liking Evernote, and I like having it on my iPad and iPhone.  The iPhone app isn’t that great, but it’s just an iPhone app, I wasn’t expecting too much.  I’m a bit disappointed with the iPad app though.  I read a lot of papers.  In fact, that’s one of the main reasons why I got the iPad in the first place.  And when I read papers, I like to highlight and annotate for later reference.  I’m currently pretty happy with GoodReader, but you can’t search.  It would be great to be able to, say, look for papers that have the words “whale” and “double differencing” in them.  But Evernote DOES have the PDF searching capability, as long as you have a premium membership.  The problem is, it only seems to work in their desktop software. You can’t even view the PDF in the Evernote app, let alone highlight and annotate.  🙁

Luckily, the Evernote folks are releasing new iPad/iPhone software soon – maybe all of these problems will be solved!

MobileOrg + Dropbox + iPhone

I did it – and it wasn’t that painful.  The iPhone app is a bit buggy – if you log out of Dropbox and try to log back in, the fields for email and password are messed up.  Also, you have to type “Enter” after typing your password, you can’t just hit the log-in button.  If you don’t do it in that order, it tells you that your email and password combo aren’t working.  Aside from that, the setup for Dropbox was pretty straightforward, and is described clearly here.

I’m still not sure how useful this will be for me, but I’ll try it out for a while.  It’s nice to be able to search quickly by keyword.  I don’t know how often I’ll actually input something via iphone to upload to Dropbox – I guess it will depend on how easy it is.  One thing occurred to me as I was setting it up was that if it does work out for me, I will probably stop using Mercurial.  And to be honest, using Mercurial for my Org-mode files was a bit weird – sort of overkill.  Really just a way to try out Mercurial.

Here’s a little sample of what it looks like on my phone – from something I did back in October.

Weak wireless

Grrr….I’m having all sorts of problems connecting to wireless in Fredericton.  I have my eee 1000HE netbook with me, and I am having a hard time connecting to wireless routers anywhere, even when sitting at my parents’ house, right beside their router!  It worked yesterday, and then got more and more flaky.  My iPhone can see wireless just fine.

I can see the wireless networks come up up in the taskbar at the top of the screen, and they are showing various levels connectivity, looking pretty normal, really.  But when I try to select on of them, it sits there and thinks about it forever with the spinner going, and then just tells me that the wireless network is disconnected.  Then if I actually do manage to connect, it’s just really really slooooowwww.

I wondered if I had done something wonky to my settings in Ubuntu, so I tried booting Moblin from my USB flash drive.  It did the same thing.  🙁  So is there something wrong with my hardware?  I don’t remember ever having so many problems with wireless.  I couldn’t even upload a single picture to Facebook because it would just times out!  It’s all very frustrating.  I should note that if I’m plugged into a wired network, it’s all fine.  Slow, but at least it works reliably.

I’m sitting at Read’s coffee shop/bookstore downtown, and I’m able to connect to the Fred e-zone, but it’s only showing between 2-15% at any point in time.

Well, there’s my rant for today.  I don’t rant very often, but I’m just not sure what else to try, and it’s very frustrating.   Maybe my netbook just doesn’t like Canadian wireless?

Maybe I just need to calm down, put my netbook away, drink a few glasses of mulled wine and enjoy the snowy beauty of my hometown 🙂