LaTex and Inkscape

In about a month and a half I’m going to be presenting a poster at the DCL/DE workshop in Oregon.  Since I don’t currently have a copy of Illustrator, I’m trying to decide what to use instead.  I downloaded Inkscape onto my imac, and started playing around.  The first thing I did was try to make a small annotated sketch.  It was all going fairly smoothly until I tried to add in symbols… and then I remembered how I ran into this problem last time I played with Inkscape.  So it was pretty much the same thing.

Here’s what I did:

1.  Install Inkscape from their website:  This part was straightforward.
2.  Download Textext, unzip the folder.  It’s found here:
3.  Copy the files and textext.inx to the inkscape extensions folder:

cp *text* ~/.config/inkscape/extensions/

4.  Then get Pstoedit:

fink install pstoedit

5.  In Inkscape, go to Extensions -> Render -> Textext,  and fill the Tex code into the GUI that pops up.


There is an error message that comes up saying: DeprecationWarning: the md5 module is deprecated; use hashlib instead
import os, sys, tempfile, traceback, glob, re, md5, copy

I recall getting a message something like this last time I installed Textext. It is annoying, but doesn’t seem to be a huge problem, and the extension still works.