SQLite configuration file

I just created a simple configuration file for SQLite. It’s in my home directory, and is called .sqliterc. It contains the following lines:
[sourcecode language=”bash”]
# SQLite configuration file
.echo ON # repeat every command
.header ON # print column names
.separator “t” # change default separator to tab
.nullvalue “Null” # print the word “Null” rather than having empty fields

Now, every time I start SQLite, these commands will be run.

* Thanks to Kurt, who showed me how to do this!

Next on my list: Databases

Wow, talk about getting sidetracked… I decided today that I want to learn about databases. I want to create a GUI (see previous two posts) and use it to write to and read from a database. I want to be able to search for keywords and numbers from various fields, etc. Somehow, it didn’t seem like it should be that hard. It’s sort of like a spreadsheet, right? I wanted to be able to make a work and survey log, with specific fields that I could fill in each day. Right now, I have something that sort of works, but it’s just an excel spreadsheet where I can filter the contents of the columns. But it’s getting really big and awkward, and not that pretty. I thought I could do better if I could just make a GUI specifically for that task. I did some Google searching, and, quite frankly, it scared me. Everything I found seemed to be aimed at people who already have a bit of a clue (um, definitely not me). So I contacted Kurt, who does all kinds of amazing stuff with databases. He suggested that I start with SQLite, and the Python SQLite module. These two links are various degrees of overwhelming, so I’m looking forward to some more guidance from Kurt! 🙂