Installing SciPy and Matplotlib

Hm.  Well, in all the excitement of installing NumPy, and configuring Emacs for Python, I neglected to actually install SciPy.  I thought I was going to have to do something pretty complicated, but it turns out that SciPy was available through Synaptic.  That makes my life much easier.  I also never got around to installing Matplotlib…also found in Synaptic!  I guess that the versions that come with the OS’s aren’t always the most up-to-date and stable, but I’m going to go ahead and take that risk in the interest of moving forward in my quest.  (whatever that is).

I think I like Matplotlib and iPython because they are both somewhat reminiscent of Matlab (my favorite!).  Why would I want to go to all this trouble to figure out Matplotlib and iPython, Numpy and Scipy?  Because they are FREE!  And it’s fun to figure it all out.  Keeps me entertained.