Broken WP Theme

Well, I should know by now about being careful about upgrading.  I just thought it would be fine and upgraded WordPress at the same time as the Graphene theme I was using – and it made a bunch of my posts disappear!  Eeek!  So I figured it was either WP or Graphene, or the combination of their latest updates.  So I switched to this other theme called Duster, which is what is up there now.  And it works, so it will stay for the time being.  Weird flower picture and all. (Got rid of weird flower picture).

When finals week is over I will have more time to sort out my issues.  And learn how to properly backup my self-hosted WordPress site.  (Yes.  I am not currently doing that despite having lost an entire blog about a year ago.  Will I ever learn).

RIP, my old blog :-(

Well, it seems as though my worst (website-related) nightmare has come true:  I have unwittingly incinerated almost a year’s worth of blogging.  How did I code up that ray-tracing script?  How did I install numpy and scipy?  And Emacs?  Aquamacs?  I don’t know, and I may never know.

Maybe I’m being a tad melodramatic, but the truth is, I have managed to make the old blog disappear, and that doesn’t make me happy.  I think I’ve still got the whole thing on the server (I can see the files!), but I’ve messed with the database, and now I can’t figure out how to get the WordPress script working properly again.  Well, I suppose I should take this as a lesson.  A lesson in NOT deleting a year’s worth of hard work.

If I ever figure out how to get it back to the interwebs, I will be sure to post it here, along with how I did it.  In the meantime, we’ll just have to move forward.

Moving to…

In a completely impulsive decision, I decided to move my blog over to my own domain hosted on Bluehost. It’s impulsive mostly because I have no idea what I’m doing, and am quickly becoming overwhelmed. I don’t know how the transition will go, because I’m still figuring it all out. So far, I’ve got myself space and a domain name at Bluehost – Pretty simple. But there’s nothing at yet. I managed to export this blog to xml, and import it to Bluehost really easily (it can be found, in a sort of incomlete state, at Now I need to figure out how to get my posts linked over to there. So essentially, most of the content of my blog exists in two places simultaneously. I have no idea what happens when someone searches for something in that blog now. I guess they’ll get directed here…

I did find some helpful stuff on good ol’ Google — such as this document (from this website). Although it may be a bit dated. And it’s discouraging that the links on the blog in their example don’t work any more. But I am guessing that they might have stopped paying WordPress the 10 bucks a year to forward the links to their new site…

WordPress source code posting

I saw this link from WordPress the other day, describing how to insert source code into your WordPress blog.  More details can be found here.  I am guessing that I will occasionally wish to do this… God knows I’m always trying to remember how I did something, how I ran that function or what that module was called.  I find that often the best way to remember how I did something is to see an example of the actual code I wrote way back when.